In 2016, Patricia Oberg of the Sebastopol Massage Center decided to retire from a fulfilling career as a massage therapy school instructor and school owner in Northern CA. Classes and massage therapy services are no longer being taught in Sebastopol.

As of January 2018, the school has been relocated to Orange County in Lake Forest, California. In 2018, we have renewed the certification with the Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education (BPPE) and we are currently in the process or working with the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) to get our new program certification.

This year, the school will transition from the Sebastopol Massage Center to the Orange County School of Massage. The Orange County School of Massage is located at 23615 El Toro Road, Suite R-1, Lake Forest CA, 92630. Classes will commence in the Spring of 2019.


We are currently taking an interest list for our first class. Through the help of our partners, we will have a limited number of No-Cost tuition spaces as well as a 100% tuition reimbursement plan provided through employer partners.

Imagine. A career as a massage therapist with no student loans or potential job placement with an employer who will take care of your tuition costs. Interested in learning more? Please contact us.


General Manager: Amber Cisneros
Phone: 949-445-1009

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