Wes Killian

"As you may remember, one of the most important reasons I took the class was to learn how to relax, and establish a bond with my "spiritual" side. As you may have picked up on, I was also very tired of the rat race and looking to learn a skill doing something I enjoy (massage) and can earn a living at. 

Well after only 2 months, I learned how to relax, to give a great massage, and I feel connected to another half of me that was missing a long time. My life is greatly enhanced, and I have you to thank.

As a teacher, it's clear that you excel at teaching the subject matter. However, you taught me more than that. Your optimistic attitude, encouragement, and empathy helped me move to a place inside myself where I could listen to what my heart was saying.

I've learned that life is a journey, not to worry about controlling everything, to maintain a positive outlook, and to take a chance to achieve happiness'

Melanie Souther

I just wanted to thank you for such an incredible life experience that I gained from massage class. You are such a unique, special teacher. Truly a giving caring genuine person. I had so much fun and such a dose of energy and spirituality throughout the experience. Thank you for being the initiator of such an incredible opportunity and for giving me exactly what I needed--love, nurturing and touch.

I just wanted to thank you for drilling all of this stuff into our heads. Maybe not everyone picked up the same messages or learned as I did, but I feel that I left you prepared to do just what I am doing. ... One million thanks to you for helping me change my life and career. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better beginning.
— Delores Caruthers