Course of Instruction: The Orange County School of Massage offers a pragmatic and well-rounded course with a curriculum covering massage techniques that give our students the tools they need to have a successful career in massage therapy.





Massage Therapist: 500 Clock Hours.

The Sebastopol Massage Center offers a well-rounded 500-hour Massage Therapist Program with curriculum covering several different modalities. Our emphasis in the Core Curriculum is Swedish massage. Our core curriculum is an intense and comprehensive course that insures that our graduates will be skilled in the Swedish Massage technique while maintaining proper body mechanics. The additional 400 hours of instruction offered will prepare the student and give the student a wide variety of techniques that they will need for a successful career in the massage industry.

The Massage Therapy course stresses professional ethics, working within a spa environment and becoming part of the professional community. The Massage Therapist program offers students an opportunity to enhance their skills with additional techniques and experience in the workplace. The program stresses exceptional and systematic learning systems to produce talented students with consistent skill sets. All instruction is provided in English.

This institutions massage program shall prepare its graduates for careers as massage therapists. The US Department of Labor defines this as:

31-9011 Massage Therapists

Perform therapeutic massages of soft tissues and joints. May assist in the assessment of range of motion and muscle strength, or propose client therapy plans.

Illustrative examples: Swedish Masseuse, Licensed Massage Therapist, Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Broad Occupation: 31-9010 Massage Therapists
Minor Group: 31-9000 Other Healthcare Support Occupations
Major Group: 31-0000 Healthcare Support Occupations


CLASS DESCRIPTION                                                                         HOURS             COST

Core Curriculum / Swedish Massage                                                        100                      $1,250
Anatomy                                                                                100                      $1,250
Spa Services                                                                                            100                      $1,250
Advanced 1 (Deep Tissue)                                                                        100                      $1,250
Advanced 2 (Sports, Advanced Anatomy, Physiology)                    50                        $ 625
Business: (Essentials, Professional, Health and Ethic                                 50                        $ 625
                                                                                                Total        500                      $6,250

Enrollment Fee: $250
Estimate of total Charges: $6,500



Core Curriculum/ Swedish massage (100 supervised clock hours): Prerequisite- None

 In this course, the student will be introduced to the history, development, and evolution of massage therapy and learn the basic principles of proper body mechanics and proper draping techniques. The student will learn how to conduct an intake interview with the client, basic documentation skills, as well as how to communicate effectively during the massage. The student will learn the basic principles and strokes of Swedish massage, and apply those techniques to sports massage, pregnancy massage, massage for special populations (medically frail, pediatric, geriatric clients) and contraindications for massage.

 Anatomy (100 supervised clock hours): Prerequisite- None
This course introduces students to anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. This course teaching student about the anatomy and physiology so that students can develop session strategies for their clients. Student will have a strong foundation of the human body that they can continue to use as reference points as they continue with their education.

Spa Services: (100 supervised clock hours) Prerequisite- (Core Curriculum, or Anatomy and Advanced 1)

In this course, the student will learn and practice several enhanced therapy treatments commonly used in spa settings including scrubs, deep tissue enhancement and aromatherapy while recognizing any contraindications from these treatments. Student will also learn proper etiquette of working in a spa setting and how to best promote themselves in that environment. You will gain practical experience through clinic and lab exercises.

Advanced 1 (100 supervised clock hours): Prerequisite- None
In this course, students will learn deep tissue massage. It is the use of different massage styles and techniques that are directed toward the deeper tissues of the muscles and fascia.  Student will learn how to work with various client needs, understanding contraindications, varying techniques to apply appropriate pressure, proper body mechanics, deep tissue techniques.

Advanced 2:  (50 supervised clock hours) Prerequisite: Core or Deep Tissue 
Students will learn how to recognize and treat sport related injuries as well as repetitive stress injuries, general injuries. Students will learn pain management techniques along with advanced anatomy and physiology. Students will learn how to apply different techniques to treat joints and muscles. They will learn stretching protocols as well as how to use tools to increase client mobility.

Business: Business, Professional, Essentials, Health and Ethics: (50 supervised clock hours) Prerequisite- None

In this course, the student will learn the intricacies of the therapeutic relationship, with a heavy focus on the roles and boundaries of therapist and client. This course is heavily focused on interactive discussion and activities designed to reinforce concepts of professional ethical behavior, including the framework and dynamics of client/therapist communication, handling ambiguous situations, sexual boundaries, financial boundaries, dual relationships, and taking advantage of peer support and supervision.



 Download the PDF version of the 2018 Massage Program HERE